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Bernie works at Bee Spit Tavern and has an ex-wife. Bruno is his older brother. He is well-known in the Sugardale Community and has always been a staple of the town. Despite pretending to be an extrovert, he would prefer to be home working on his dioramas, a hobby he has had since he was 8 years old. People have always told him he could have been a comedian due to his positive outlook on life.

Sugardale ID Card[]

(Sugardale ID) Bernie Wright


Facts from Tumblr Character Ask[]
  • Face Claim: Goldberg (Wrestler) [1]
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer [1]
  • Favorite Food: Wings, the hotter the better. He might fight you if you say BBQ wings are worth considering. [1]
  • Bernie was a gold-star medalist for the 12 years he competed in a National Diorama Contest. He hasn’t been able to compete as much since he’s been working at The Bee Spit, but desperately wants to compete at least one more before he retires. [1]
  • Bernie didn’t have his first kiss until he was 22. [1]
  • Bernie has one brother, Bruno, and they were both raised by a single mother. He he’s never met his dad, but has no desire to. [1]
  • Body Count: 11 [1]
Pretty's Tumblr Q&A Facts[]
  • Public Displays of Affection?: Yes - you sitting on his lap, him sneaking in neck kisses when others look away for a second [2]
  • Cuddle Scale: 9 [2]
  • Rhythm Scale: 10 [3] [Note: Bernie is part of a 3-way tie for best sense of rhythm.]
  • Can they sing well; Would they sing in the car and/or at karaoke?: Pretty good singer; Will BELT in the car and karaoke [4]
  • Would they let MC paint their nails?: YES [5]
  • Love Language: Acts of Service, Physical Touch [6]
  • Gas Station Snack of Choice: The roller hotdogs [7]
  • Reaction to Pregnant 18-Year-Old MC: Literally beaming and crying [8]
  • Reaction to MC making them a playlist: Love [9]
  • Cooking Skill: 10 [10]
  • Are they running at the altar?: Not a runner [11]
  • Prefers giving oral (over other sex acts): 8 [12]
  • Boobs or Butt?: Butt [13]
  • What would they cook for MC?: The best wings you’ve ever had in your life [14]
  • What Grunge Rock song would they be?: "Dusty" by Soundgarden [15]
  • Big Spoon or Little Spoon?: Little spoon [16]
  • Favorite Amusement Park Ride?: The craziest, fastest, roller-coaster with the scariest reputation [17]
  • If they got a tattoo, what would it be?: Bruno’s name and dates on his bicep [18]
  • Would get matching tattoos with MC?: Yes, but only if it's funny [19]
  • Most sensitive areas (of body): Sides, waist [20]
  • What music genre(s) are they into?: 90s Rap [21]
  • Favorite movie genre(s)?: Classic Comedy [22]
  • Indoor or outdoor date?: Indoor date [23]
CC Discord & Patreon Facts[]
  • Possessiveness: 8
  • Pet Names of Choice (for MC): Mama, Sweet-cheeks and (when he wants to annoy you) Sugartits


  1. Cuddle Scale, Rhythm Scale, Prefers giving oral and Possessiveness are on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
  2. Rhythm Scale refers to how good a character is at keeping a rhythm in music/dance.
  3. Characters' Love Language(s) is/are both for giving and for receiving.
  4. Pretty's Q&A Facts are in chronological order from oldest post to latest post.


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