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Blair has a step-father and step-brother. She has a strained relationship with her step-brother, Thomas. She doesn't have a good relationship with her ex-boyfriend Gabe. She has a crush on Rafi who's president of the Arts Association. She was a stellar student in high school and college and has always had pretty high marks, but never as high as her step-bro Thomas. Best friends with main character since high school where she moved up a grade in their sophomore year.

She graduated as a valedictorian and and interview featuring her research achievements was featured on the Bitterby Voice. Their article is just more evidence of her intellectual brightness and sadly, her tumultuous family relations.

Sugardale ID Card[]

(Sugardale ID) Blair Anderson


Facts from Tumblr Character Ask[]
  • Face Claim: Rico Nasty (Rapper) [1]
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini [1]
  • Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes. Her mom makes the best every Thanksgiving, but she would eat them year round if she could. [1]
  • Blair is really really good at origami. She got really good with it when she was in middle school, because she turned her tests in so early and had to kill time waiting for the other kids to hand theirs in. [1]
  • Blair thinks she’s cursed when it comes to animals. Every family pet she’s ever had growing up has died or run away within weeks of bringing it home. [1]
  • Blair’s mom is originally from New Ambrosia, she gets embarrassed around her though because her accent is so thick and you can tell right away. [1]
  • Body Count: 2 [1] [Note: Blair is part of a 2-way tie for the lowest confirmed body count.]
Pretty's Tumblr Q&A Facts[]
  • Public Displays of Affection?: Yes - holding hands, kisses on cheek
  • Cuddle Scale: 10 [2] [Note: Blair is part of an 8-way tie for cuddliest character.]
  • Rhythm Scale: 7 [3]
  • Can they sing well; Would they sing in the car and/or karaoke?: Tone-deaf singer; Won't sing in the car but will sing karaoke if drunk enough [4]
  • Would they let MC paint their nails?: No, but only because she gets them done professionally [5]
  • Love Language: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time [6]
  • Gas Station Snack of Choice: A hot pickle [7]
  • Reaction to Pregnant 18-Year-Old MC: Combust and honestly be so scared of fucking up the kid [8]
  • Reaction to MC making them a playlist: Love [9]
  • Cooking Skill: 7 [10]
  • Are they running at the altar?: Runner [11]
  • Prefers giving oral (over other sex acts): 7 [12]
  • Boobs or Butt?: Butt [13]
  • What would they cook for MC?: Sweet potato pie [14]
  • What Grunge Rock song would they be?: "Glycerine" by Bush [15]
  • Big Spoon or Little Spoon?: Little spoon [16]
  • Favorite Amusement Park Ride?: Tilt-a-Whirl [17]
  • If they got a tattoo, what would it be?: A Beyoncé quote like “Her heaven will be a love without betrayal” [18]
  • Would get matching tattoos with MC?: Probably [19]
  • Most sensitive areas (of body): Hollow of her neck [20]
  • What music genre(s) are they into?: J-Rock, Pop [21]
  • Favorite movie genre(s)?: Science Fiction [22]
  • Indoor or outdoor date?: Indoor date [23]
CC Discord & Patreon Facts[]
  • Possessiveness: 10 [Note: Blair is part of a 5-way tie for most possessive character.]
  • Pet Names of Choice (for MC): Baby, Babe


  1. Cuddle Scale, Rhythm Scale, Prefers giving oral and Possessiveness are on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
  2. Rhythm Scale refers to how good a character is at keeping a rhythm in music/dance.
  3. Characters' Love Language(s) is/are both for giving and for receiving.
  4. Pretty's Q&A Facts are in chronological order from oldest post to latest post.


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