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College Craze is a female-protagonist adult dating sim and life simulation game. From academics, partying and hook-ups, to deciphering the interwoven mysteries lying beneath the seemingly quiet town of Sugardale, every choice matters.

Game updates

College Craze is an ongoing project, so far 6 chapters have been released! More information of the different chapter plot-points can be found on the Pretty Ink website.


College Craze has a branching story structure heavily dependent on your previous choices, you'll find endless possibilities for your own college experience at Sugardale U. Create your own story and get into steamy situations, all while helping (or sabotaging) your friends, keeping secrets and revealing mysteries about the town's shady happenings.


You play as an incoming female freshman, ready to make your mark in the world. As you move through the story, you'll find that things are not as easy as you thought. Your character will have to make choices on whether to join a club or work, be studious or influential, more introverted or outspoken. These decisions all affect your game metrics and the plot options that become available to you as you progress.


College Craze has all fictional locations inspired by some real-life North American cities. Our MC lived in Bitterby before moving to Sugardale for university. Other characters come from surrounding towns like Sugarbush or live in other districts like Honeywood or Toffee Springs.

List of relevant game establishments.


As a player, you'll meet over 25 important characters that are relevant to the story and who might become romantic interests (if you play your cards right). The game is story-driven, not love-interest driven, so you can interact with more than one person as you get through the game. Some choices might might be mutually exclusive, so you might want to check the official check-lists or fan-made walkthrough guides to make sure you get all the scenes.


- Discord: College Craze has an active Discord community of over 2,800 members. A lot of people discuss theories, write stories or create art of their favorite characters/scenes. It's also a great platform to connect with like-minded people and find new media.

- Patreon: It allows creators, such as game developers like myself to make a Patreon page where their fans can subscribe to make regular payments (also called "pledges") to support the creator's ongoing work. In return, patrons (the people who make pledges) may get access to exclusive content, early access to new work, or other rewards offered by the creator. You can read more about the benefits and my tiers on my Patreon page.

- Community events: Discord users have organized events with fun themes for people to unleash their creative side and share their works. At the end of these events, submissions like fan art, fan fits, poems, moldboards, etc., get placed on a digital fanzine so everyone can check them out after they’ve been shared on the fan-submissions channel.