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Ruby enjoys shopping, applying makeup, volunteering at animal shelters, and being on social media. She lives in the moment and likes to have a good time. Currently, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She was adopted into a white family, but her mother did her best to keep Ruby connected to her Filipino roots. While she feels some resentment towards her family's whiteness and racial insensitivity, she loves them for who they are as people.

Sugardale ID Card[]

(Sugardale ID) Ruby Reyes


Facts from Tumblr Character Ask[]
  • Face Claim: [1]
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius [1]
  • Favorite Food: Mozzarella Sticks [1]
  • Ruby had a flip phone from the ages 11-16 because she got grounded so often, her smartphone was constantly taken away. Her mom decided to just let her keep a flip phone so she’d still be reachable. [1]
  • She has 3 plaques at the Sweetbush Animal Rescue for ‘most amount of time volunteered’, despite being late to every one of her scheduled volunteer shifts. [1]
  • Ruby’s parents adopted her when she was an infant. When she was 8 they contemplated adopting another child, when Ruby heard the news, she “ran away” from home. After 3 hours and a police search, she was found behind the shed. Her parents decided not to adopt another child after that. [1]
  • Body Count: 3 [1]
Pretty's Tumblr Q&A Facts[]
  • Public Displays of Affection?: Yes - literally will be all over you, no fucks given [2]
  • Cuddle Scale: 10 [2] [Note: Ruby is part of an 8-way tie for cuddliest character.]
  • Rhythm Scale: 3 [3]
  • Can they sing well; Would they sing in the car and/or karaoke?: Pretty good singer; Will BELT in the car and karaoke [4]
  • Would they let MC paint their nails?: YES [5]
  • Love Language: Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service [6]
  • Gas Station Snack of Choice: Spicy cheddar chips [7]
  • Reaction to Pregnant 18-Year-Old MC: Scared, would pretend to be happy but absolutely depressed [8]
  • Reaction to MC making them a playlist: Love, but wouldn't listen more than once [9]
  • Cooking Skill: 2 [10]
  • Are they running at the altar?: Runner [11]
  • Prefers giving oral (over other sex acts): 6 [12]
  • Boobs or Butt?: Boobs [13]
  • What would they cook for MC?: Frozen waffles and syrup (except the waffles are still a little frozen in the middle) [14]
  • What Grunge Rock song would they be?: "Heroin Girl" by Everclear [15]
  • Big Spoon or Little Spoon?: Little spoon [16]
  • Favorite Amusement Park Ride?: The ride with the swings [17]
  • If they got a tattoo, what would it be?: Something dolphin related [18]
  • Would get matching tattoos with MC?: Yes [19]
  • Most sensitive areas (of body): Hips [20]
  • What music genre(s) are they into?: Trap, Pop [21]
  • Favorite movie genre(s)?: Horror [22]
  • Indoor or outdoor date?: Indoor date [23]
CC Discord & Patreon Facts[]
  • Possessiveness: 6
  • Pet Names of Choice (for MC): Babe, Love, Honey


  1. Cuddle Scale, Rhythm Scale, Prefers giving oral and Possessiveness are on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
  2. Rhythm Scale refers to how good a character is at keeping a rhythm in music/dance.
  3. Characters' Love Language(s) is/are both for giving and for receiving.
  4. Pretty's Q&A Facts are in chronological order from oldest post to latest post.


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